Originally called Blessed Sacrament Parish, it had its origins probably as an Oblate Mission prior to 1913, though there is no documentation concerning this.

The first church was a little log cabin on the south side of River Road (now Marine Drive) between Nanaimo and Victoria roads, and here it was that Father Mostyn, O.M.I. celebrated Mass for a small group of Catholics in that area.

Early in 1914 the Church was moved to 52nd Avenue (now 60th Ave.) and Victoria Road where they rented a store for $5.00 a month. These premises became too small so they moved to a store building directly across on Victoria Road on the west side in 1915. Shortly after Father Mostyn was replaced by Father Fitzpatrick. This store was used to celebrate Mass until 1922 when Father Fitzpatrick built a new church at 53rd Avenue and Victoria Road (now 51st Ave.) The two lots on which the church was built were donated by a parishioner, Mr. Henry Vauro.

Father Fitzpatrick built this church apparently on his own resources and responsibility with some help from the Catholic Church Extension Society. The new church was not consecrated, however, Father O’Malley came up from the Cathedral to bless it.

During the course of moving from the store to the new church almost all records were lost or burned, which was to cause great inconvenience at a later date and also render it almost impossible to give accurate dates on the various changes that took place. It also made it impossible to obtain the first Baptism, Marriage etc. records. The date for this history, previous to 1922, was obtained from the memories of old time parishioner, and in this connection we owe thanks particularly to Mr. and Mrs. John Carney, Sr.

Shortly after the new church was blessed Father Cronin was sent to replace Father Fitzpatrick. Father Cronin served the Parish until 1928 at which time he was replaced by Father Blackburne.

In 1931, under the direction of Father Blackburne, the church was moved to 51st Avenue (now 49th Ave.) at which time a basement and choir loft were added to it. About a year later Father Blackburne built a Rectory next door to the Church. Owing to various factors, mainly the depression, the debts incurred in moving and building were not cleared off until 1947 by Monsignor Carroll, the Parish Priest at that time.

When the Fathers of the Blessed Sacrament established the French National parish in 1946 there existed two parishes under the same name, Blessed Sacrament, for about 30 days. On June 25th, 1946 the name of the South Vancouver parish was officially changed to Corpus Christi.